Chatterbox Music

Chatterbox is my sacred indian name.

It was given to me by Anne Rousse, a dear friend of mine, in reference to my personal recording studio “Le Studio du Moulin” and to my witty long-windedness, which in french is called to be “un moulin à parole”. This name also refers to the fact that I am both a producer/arranger and a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

I accepted this name with a little reluctance at first, due to the meaning of the word itself.

Being a chatterbox - someone who is excessively talkative - has a rather pejorative connotation. Who has never said that someone is too talkative as opposed not talkative enough?

Well, apart from Freud, few men indeed!

And more often than not, is it no easier to believe one’s own lies rather than to accept the truth as spoken by others?

Chatterbox Music

Having given it some more thought, I decided that this was an opportunity for me to embark on a new artistic journey centered around my voice.

I say my voice and not my words, as it is now clear to me that:

The meaning of things becomes visible
When our pleasure includes the physical

So now,

I’m singing in English the language that most pleases me
My friends, you're welcome to the Chatterbox Factory

Welcome soul family! My first EP Family Soul is out NOW!!

Welcome soul family! My first EP Family Soul is out NOW!!

Welcome soul family! My first EP is out now on digital. It’s soul because the soul is eternal. It’s soul because it’s music from the heart. It's soul because I sing for your souls. It's soul because…